Terms and Conditions


  • All Bookings made are subject to our standard terms and conditions, which appear on www.loerielodge.com are incorporated by reference herein. Should you not have access to the internet, it is your responsibility to obtain a copy from Loerie Lodge Guest Houses.
  • Right of admission is reserved for security reasons, particularly on weekends and after sunset.
  • Bookings are accepted only by Email or Fax correspondence. Off street ‘walk in / phone in’ are subject to refusal and identification confirmation for Department of Interior compliance, especially for foreign nationals.
  • Entry and car park usage is subject to and the signing of our guest Register, which is your proof of acceptance of our “Conditions of Entry” required for insurance, safety and security audits.


  • Generally before sunset. It will take 5 Hours from Gauteng allowing a stop on the way therefore No Late First Time Arrivals after 19:00 (7 pm) are accepted. Late arrivals will be liable for a R150 penalty charge added to the Invoice. Air Link flights to Phalaborwa are all daylight arrivals. When you arrive in Phalaborwa, please book in first, get your key, remote for gate, and you can come and go as you please.


  • Cancellation of bookings 24 hours before day of arrival, No Show and Premature Departure, will be charged up to 100% of booking.
  • Business Accounts and IATA Travel Agents have recourse to negotiate the above items and it is generally accepted that ‘Good Communication’ is all that is needed to reverse transactions often brought about by unforeseen circumstances.


  • Our prices are per person, not per room. A single rate is based on one person in one room, and a full English breakfast. Equally a double rate is for two people sharing. Guests arriving with an additional person, to stay with them, when a single accommodation has been booked, must pay the difference on arrival. Justification for the change in booking may be verified with the Travel Agent, Employer or Company responsible for the booking.


  • We reserve the right to re allocate rooms where regular client preference, suitability based on of length of stay, gender, religious and safety purposes deem it necessary.


  • It is imperative that special dietary requests are conveyed at time of booking for preparation of ‘ in house meals’ such as dinner, breakfast and packed takeaways. Items ordered and cancelled after 12:00 on the day of request, will be charged in full.
  • No dinners are provided on weekends (Fridays to Sunday) but substituted by controlled vouchers to suitable local eateries.
  • Dining Room Hours. Breakfast 06h00 to 08h00. Supper 18h30 for one hour. WE DO NOT HAVE ROOM SERVICE


  • As an International Graded establishment, those prescribed rules are applicable. We do have smoking areas generally all verandas where table, chairs and ashtrays are available. No smoking in rooms allowed whatsoever.


  • Generally as used for self-defence or hunting must be declared on arrival.


  • Including photographic equipment and items generally accepted as ‘treasured personal and irreplaceable’ including medical equipment for daily health requirements should be brought to the attention of senior management.


  • Clients with any form of allergy, prescribed medication users and those with respiratory and heart conditions should advise management on arrival.


  • Fair wear and tear is duly accepted but indiscriminate damage or neglect to Guest House Property will invoke replacement charges and removal or theft of any items including plants and decorations will be subject to Persecution.


  • Is reserved for the discretion of the Duty Manager of the day. Entry on and off the property is therefore controlled especially for suppliers, service personnel and client visitors.


  • The account remains the responsibility of the person booked in, until such time the Company or Travel Agent has settled in full. This includes extras – laundry, drinks meals and damages not included in the original written order.


  • The standard policy of Loerie Lodge is to refund where it has become necessary and agreed upon in writing (Fax or Email) especially in cases of overpayment, incorrect payment, wrong beneficiary and where deposits are genuinely to be refunded.
  • We reserve the right to first establish if the funds are indeed cleared at our Bank / Financial Institution without recourse to cancellation.
  • The delegated responsible person of the Company, Trust, Travel Agent, Individual through bona fide identification, must agree the transaction has indeed transpired through correct procedures and an agreement may proceed.
  • Payments by way of an EFT transaction will only proceed 30 days from date of original deposit and may entail ruling Rate of Exchange and / or commission costs.